Tour of our Home: The Facade

One of my favorite parts of the home is its facade.  The front of the home is the first visual impact; it’s a statement.  My hope is that all who pass by our home see it as inviting, well-kept, manicured, fresh, and wonder “what’s inside?”

Our home didn’t always look like this, and you won’t believe me when I tell you (but it’s true!)…when we first looked at this house, there was yellow police tape protecting the front porch because a garbage truck had run into the front of the house!!!!  And I never took a picture!  Fortunately, it did not structurally damage the home, it just shoved the entire front porch underneath the house.  Bless the previous owner’s hearts!  And they were fantastic by the way.  During the construction process, they allowed us to change out the previous cylinder posts on the porch to the current square posts.  I was able to choose all of the interior paint colors for the rooms along the front of the house, and we had not given them a dime as of yet.  Here are some “before” pictures:

These pictures were taken from our realtor’s video of our home when it was for sale.  Apologies for the quality!

 When we bought it 5 years ago, it was a dirty gray green with a single front door with sidelights and had 1970’s pendant lighting on the front porch.  Overgrown hollies flanked the two corners, aged azaleas were across the porch, and overgrown monkey grass lined the brick sidewalk.  The first thing we did, or shall I say Handyman Husband did, was to trim up the hollies into trees and remove all of the old azaleas across the front (oh, what a chore).  Just by doing this made our house not only look more appealing, but it seemed bigger too.  Painting the brick cream and adding the double front doors with new hardware made a HUGE difference!  We then added the charming gas lights.  This home was becoming OUR home.

OH, what a difference!!!

Details of our front porch tomorrow.









4 thoughts on “Tour of our Home: The Facade

  • Love it Jana! I am so proud of you….you are one of the hardest workers I know. And to be able to focus your energy on your true passion…what a blessing! Can’t wait to see what else you have in store, because I know it will be FABULOUS!

  • Oh my goodness!!! I just came across your post through Pinterest as I was looking for front door ideas. I’m absolutely in love with your front door. May I ask where you found it?

    • Hi Lace! Thank you so much for your kind words! Our front doors are custom. I would suggest researching custom door companies in your area. Good luck with your project!!!

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