School Days

School is in session here in LR!  It is so true when they say kids grow up in the blink of an eye!  Our daughter is a 1st grader this year…amazing!  I have to share her first day pics with you…

 We “borrowed” this great idea from friends…we start the first day of school and end the last day with a Daddy made sign to commemorate the year!

 And did I mention she is starting school without her two front teeth!  So fun!

As we walked to school, she started doing the happy dance.

Already getting the hang of it!

 And then there’s brother…like I said, ALL BOY!

After school, Granddaddy and YiaYia (my parents) came over to hear all about the first day.  They had a great time burning off energy playing in the front yard with Daddy.


 Hope your first days of school have gone well too!!!



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