“Curb” Appeal

From my earlier post, you remember there was just the brick sidewalk with the overgrown monkey grass leading to our front door.  We removed the monkey grass and added the stone on either side of the brick.  Not only did it widen our walkway, but it also added another layer of texture.  Handyman Husband thought about installing the stone himself but decided to leave it to the professionals.



After the stonework was completed, we were ready to implement a design that I had in my mind for awhile…the two beds adjacent to the curb.  It’s so exhilarating when you begin and finish a project!

 As you can see, we created a stone landing on either side of the brick for guests to step onto when they arrive.

Flanking the “entrance” on either side of the walk are two small holly’s that I’ve shaped into spheres followed by a row of boxwoods I’m training to become a wall.

When we first added the beds, they were filled with ivy which did not quite take.  So, I added the creeping jenny.  “She” has become my new best friend…more on her later.  The pots with the ivy topiaries were added for weight and interest.

I adore her vivid color which compliments our signature green.  It’s a great jolt of color that draws your eye in.  After all, that is what curb appeal is all about!  I also enjoy paying special attention to this area.  Pruning is very relaxing to me…

Do you take pleasure in pruning your yard?


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