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Do you you love to read?  I do “if I had the time!”  How many times do we say that a day?  I’m learning you have to make the time, actually sit down, relax, and read.  I’m learning to do just that.  You would think it would be a simple task, but for me, it’s definitely a process.  Learning how to relax.  So, when I do, you will usually find me perusing through my latest magazine or decorating book.  One day, I’ll make the time to dive into a novel!  Last night, I was so inspired by our daughter’s first grade teacher while attending parent night at school.  Although we read every night to our children, she reminded me the importance of reading.  Like she said, “Even if you don’t have the money to travel, you can always travel the world in a book.”  How great is that!  From time to time, I will share with you “What I Am Reading…”


“Southern Lady” magazine is a must!  The articles are interesting, it’s full of inspiration, and the recipes are delicious!

My parents recently celebrated their 44th Wedding Anniversary which happened to fall on a Friday night.  They typically do not enjoy dining out on a weekend.  So, I invited them over for a fish fry!  Yes, a fish fry.  I was inspired by this article entitled “Summer Classic Family Fish Fry.”

Although my table did not quite look like this, it’s still fun to see all of the pretty details.

The “summer slaw” was tangy and summer friendly having no mayo.

Recipes for:  Hush Puppies, Crispy French Fries, Zesty Tarter Sauce, and Cornmeal-Crusted Trout.  My mother claims it was “the best,” especially the tarter sauce and fish.  I did substitute catfish for the trout.  Delicious!!!!  And don’t you love it when you see spills, oil spots, and turned corners on your pages?

White Chocolate Pineapple Mousse…so very easy!!!

And here is how mine turned out…

Elizabeth made the centerpiece which was their gift.  Homemade flowers in a vase with “4’s” all over it.  Pretty clever and a forever keepsake!

Happy 44th Mother and Daddy!

I hope you pick up the latest copy of “Southern Lady” today.  Better yet, subscribe…you won’t be disappointed.

What are you reading?


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