Come On In

Come on in!  You will find our home tells a story.  (I absolutely love that statement!)  My design philosophy says just that.  Our home is our sanctuary and should reflect not only who we are but reveal what makes us happy as well.  The beauty of my business is having the privilege of working with an array of personalities…working with my clients and helping make their home a reflection of their soul is a pretty great opportunity!

Our entry is simple but stately.  I found this French entry table at an antique mall after buying this home and placed the 4 arm lamp purchased from another antique mall (Found this in Searcy, AR, and had to put it in layaway on a teacher’s salary!) as a focal point; it also adds a nice ambiance from the street view. I had this lamp in the entry in my Height’s home as well.

This garden basket means a lot to me.  It was a gift to our family after my YaYa passed away (two years ago this past Monday).

The Waterford crystal bowl is from Dublin, Ireland…And when in Ireland, you have to buy a piece of Waterford!  I was there to run the Dublin Marathon (No, I am not a runner and completing a marathon was on my 12 year old bucket list…that’s another post!)  This pattern, which unfortunatley I cannot remember the name, is a pattern only found in Ireland.  Very interesting that there are patterns not available to us in the US.  So of course, I chose one of the “special” patterns.  It sits on top of my guest book.

Upon leaving our home, you must sign “THE book” even if you’ve already signed it.  Ironically, the very first entry is from Handyman Husband from my first home.  Let’s just say he wasn’t too excited to sign; however, I do enjoy looking back at his “comments.”  I’ll fondly look back on all of the special occasions we’ve hosted.

And behind the table, hangs this beautiful antique gold gilded mirror that belonged to my grandmama.  There is a pair, and my brother has the other one.  I just love the imperfections and the weight of this mirror.  It’s so fun to decorate around its frame for the holidays.

I bought these two small ottomans specifically for this location to not only “fill the area” but to have extra seating if needed.  I love the black and gold bee detailing.

The entry originally had parquet flooring.  During the front porch constructionthe parquet not only ran through the entry but into the dining room and living room as well. This was changed out to hardwood flooring.  Another great big change!

Before:  (Hard to see the parquet flooring!)



Shining down from overhead is this lovely light fixture featuring these dainty flowers.  The flowers add just the right touch, and I love the rustic feel.
And I adore the waxed bulbs that cast this beautiful golden light.

Adjacent to the table are these fantastic soldiers matted with this great pop of red.  Another antique find!  I love the red against the yellow wall.

And last,

but certainly not least, is a great treasure…the icon of Christ.  Being Greek Orthodox, we have several icons throughout our home.  I especially love this one because I know He is protecting us, and all who walk through our door.

Does your home tell a story?  Please do tell!!!

Enjoy the day!


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