Dancing Flowers

I love bringing a little bit of happy into the home.  Most of the time I bring in flowers.  Whether from your local garden shop, florist, or grocer, flowers are available in all varieties, sizes, and price points.  This past spring I enjoyed my “dancing orchid.”  I admired  her grace and beauty.  Whenever I sat down to “relax,” she brought a smile to my face.

I was sad when her blooms began to wilt and then ultimately fell off.  For some reason, I couldn’t just throw her away so I pruned the stem back down to the leaves.  Surprisingly, I still smile when I just see her leaves; they are still graceful in their own right.

Much to my surprise, Handyman Husband brought me a little bit of happy last Friday.  Let’s say, I did not have the greatest of days.  He sensed that and while out running errands, he brought me this…

A miniature “dancing orchid.”  Funny thing is, I had been eyeing this little bit of happiness the previous week at our local grocer.  And here she is!

And so now, they dance together.

What bits of happiness do you bring into your home?

Enjoy the day!


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