My Visit with Bunny Williams: Part 1

Have you ever pinched yourself to ensure what is happening to you is really happening?  Well, I just experienced this when I recently visited the one and only Bunny Williams at her Connecticut home.   I first met Bunny at the Design Bloggers Conference in Los Angeles last February as she dazzled us as the keynote speaker.  I told her about my mother who had two idols in life, Emily Whaley (a future post), her gardening idol, and Bunny Williams, her interior design idol.  You could say they were her mentors, and now, I had met both of these brilliant women.  Bunny was so kind and gracious, and this is how the story unfolded.

This past Mother’s Day I gave my mother a trip to visit Bunny and see her home in CT.  (Yes, the home that is featured in her book “An Affair with a House.”  The only book that graces both my mother and my coffee tables!)  There were no words, just tears.  Tears of amazement, shock, and delight all wrapped up into one moment.

One happy YiaYia after receiving her gift!

Our trip was planned for early August.  So, off we went to CT for a week, my mother, myself, and my daughter (Had to bring her along, not only does she love gardening, but she also has the “eye” and enjoys decorating!)  Three generations had a fabulous week.  I will be posting more about our trip, as well as our time spent with Bunny.  Today we’ll take a peek into some of her beautiful gardens.  I will interject here and there, but mainly, I hope you enjoy this tour as our day progressed.


We have arrived!  As the wonderful wooden gates magically opened, there was THE house!  We were welcomed by a gentleman who showed us where to park and walked us to the barn to meet Bunny.  We also had the privilege of meeting her family who was visiting for the weekend.  Eric Ruquest, her head gardener also greeted us.  (More about the fabulous Eric in a later post.)  Bunny proceeded to take us on a tour of the incredible gardens.  Let’s begin…

Eric’s dog, Marco, Elizabeth, my mother, and Bunny


The vegetation was in full swing adjacent to the greenhouse.

Love the concrete chickens as you enter into the chicken pavilion as it’s referred to in the book.

Inside the amazing greenhouse!

Lovely view outside the greenhouse overlooking the apple orchard!

The amazing pool house!

At this point, Bunny went back to the barn to check on lunch.  Eric continued to lead us on the tour of the gardens.  Next, we’ll enter the woodland garden with its serene lush green surrounding the paths.  At the end of the path is a wonderful waterfall and pond area.  The perfect spot for reflection.

The three generations have truly enjoyed reflecting upon this wonderful day!  I cannot begin to thank Bunny and her delightful husband, John Rosselli, enough for this most memorable day!!!  I look forward to sharing more with you in later posts!

And if you do not own a copy of “An Affair with a House,”  you must!!!

Enjoy the day!


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