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Do you love to cook?  I do!!!  It’s a hobby I so enjoy.  My Yaya would read cookbooks cover to cover like novels, and I do as well.  I love cooking so much that 13 years ago I started a Culinary Club.  WOW!  13 years!  That’s a long time.  Although there are only two original members in the group, Allison and myself, it has been delightful watching the group evolve.  This idea came to me years ago from my dear friend, Jacqueline, who started a Culinary Club in Fort Smith, AR.  Jacqueline is a Kappa sister and was my antiquing sidekick during college.  Although her Culinary Club no longer meets, we still enjoy antiquing and cooking to this day.  I thank her for sharing this fabulous idea with me.

Our group consists of 6 girls, and we meet usually the first Sunday of each month.  The first three years consisted of cooking around the world.  Then the group focused on theme cooking such as tailgating, brunch, Mother’s Day, holiday cooking, etc.  One year, we cooked with different meats.  We’ve explored various cookbooks and even have had a cookbook author as a guest via phone.  We now assign the group the recipes and there may or may not be a theme depending on the time of year.  Each month, I will share our Culinary Club experience with you.

Shelly was our lovely hostess this past Sunday night, and she thought “an end of summer” theme would be perfect, and it was indeed!  We enjoyed our appetizers, drinks, and dinner in her relaxing patio area.  The weather was perfect, and the food was outstanding!!!  Here’s our menu:

We started with this refreshing Sparkling White Sangria.  The delicious fresh fruit soaked in Brandy was a treat in itself!


 We then enjoyed this Tomato Crostini.  The crostini was rubbed with fresh garlic, and the surprise ingredient was green olives mixed in with the tomatoes.


 Allison and Beth enjoying some conversation!

We dined on Creole Potato Salad, Sweet and Spicy Coleslaw, and Dry Rub Ribs.  Can I just say everything was DIVINE!  The ribs were baked in the oven prior to being grilled; the meat fell off the bones.  The potato salad was perfectly spiced, and the coleslaw had a great zippy flavor.

 For dessert, we had Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting.  These were a “light” recipe.  The frosting was the best part!


 And this cocktail napkin says it all!  Don’t you love it?

 And here’s our fab group:  Diane, Allison, Beth, Shelly, Me, and Colleen…love these girls!

And as you can see, ALL plates were clean!

Do you love to cook?

Enjoy the day!


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