Wonderful Wednesdays

Transitioning from kindergarten to first grade has been an exciting yet big transition for Elizabeth this year.  At school, art class which she absolutely loves is on Mondays.  Since she adores art (and oh by the way, started her own “art business” last January when I started Jana Hunter Interiors), she is longing for a creative outlet during the week.  My fabulous cousin, Vanessa, in Dallas suggested an afternoon of art after school.  Elizabeth decided on Wednesdays since “it’s the middle, and it’s something to look forward to!”  I thought her reasoning was fantastic.  So, “Wonderful Wednesdays” was born last week!  I told her we wouldn’t be doing serious art projects each week just here and there.  Mostly, it’s a time for her to be creative and create whatever she chooses.  She comes up with some pretty great things with the simplest of items.

For my birthday a couple of years ago, my dear and longtime friend, Diane (also in Culinary Club), gave me this prayer jar.  Attached was a beautiful story by the artist explaining the background behind the creation of the prayer jar.  You simply write your prayer on the slip of paper and place it inside the jar.

As you can see, there are very few “prayer papers” left because Elizabeth discovered my prayer jar and has been using it!  I don’t mind at all, but I do enjoy using my prayer jar.  So, the first Wonderful Wednesday activity was making one for Elizabeth.

I found this jar with the “E” initial and hot pink circles…so girly! (and already done for us!)  I printed the prayer slips of paper on the computer, and she cut them out.  We then hole punched them and tied them around the neck of the jar.

Now Elizabeth can pray away, and so can I!

She’s very proud!

Enjoy the day!


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