Little Rock Air Force Base Air Show

Every two years the Little Rock Air Force Base in Jacksonville, AR, hosts their fantastic air show.  If you’ve never been to an air show, I highly recommend it!  And it’s for all ages.  I was introduced to air shows “late in life.”  Honestly, I never knew they existed until I met Handyman Husband.  My very first air show was in Oshkosh, WI, better known as the “world’s greatest aviation celebration.”  My husband’s dad invited us to attend while were dating.  I never knew airplanes could do acrobats in the sky!

I’m like a kid in a candy store every two years when it’s that time of year!  Especially now with the two little ones.  Since Handyman Husband works on base, we “cheat” and attend the practice show on Friday.  This year he brought us chips, drinks, and chairs for us to enjoy the show.  And the Blue Angels were there!!!

These paratroopers were great…they had red smoke trailing them as they were high in the sky.   We sat underneath the wing of a C130 to shade us from the sun (hence, the big white tent in front of us).  You can see the Blue Angels aircraft waiting patiently.

And these are the same paratroopers who delivered the game ball at the Razorback game this past Saturday!  How great is that?

 Meet Fat Albert…the Blue Angels C130 sidekick.  Although he’s not a jet, Handyman Husband calls the C130 “a romantic airplane.”  I love that!  And he should know after flying it for 23 years!

Mr. All Boy awaiting the Blue Angels!

 And here they are!!!  The AMAZING Blue Angels!  Tradition, ritual, and precision best sums them up in my mind.

Love this picture!


If you ask Elizabeth what she wants to be when she grows up, she’ll say “a pilot.” (And artist, doctor, cheerleader, etc.)


Although it was a hot one, we enjoyed this family time together (especially me!)

And you just may be seeing something like this in the near future!  I am starting a new client project…a boy’s airplane room!  Can’t wait to share the finished project with you!

Enjoy the day!


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