Collections: Limoges Boxes

Do you have collections around your home?  Collections in my home are throughout.  They say if you have 3 or more of one item you have a collection.  It’s always fun antiquing and adding to these groups.  I love when friends collect so I can add to their joy as well.  Here and there I will highlight a collection of mine.  I’m first sharing my Limoges Boxes with you.  They are near and dear to me.  Since they can be pricey, I only have a few.  Each has its own special meaning…


Here they are!

This was my first purchase.  Kind of like when in Dublin buy Waterford…When in France, buy a Limoges Box!  I bought this in Paris; my very first trip to Europe.  (I’m really not a world traveler…I have only been to Europe twice but look forward to going with Handyman Husband for the first time…Hint! Hint!)

I almost enjoy the clasp as much as the box.

And then it’s fun to open them up and see what’s inside.

Here is my second Limoges Box.  I bought this in honor of Elizabeth’s birth.

And look what’s inside…how cute are these pink booties?

Thanks to Handyman Husband I now have a collection of Limoges Boxes!  He found this (on his own) while looking through one of my magazines.  He saw an advertisement, called the store in Fayetteville, AR, and ordered it!  He was so proud, and I was so thankful.  This is Old Main; this building is infamous on campus at the University of Arkansas.

The razorback inside is great!

Handyman Husband bought this one as well for Mother’s Day one year.  You can really see the hand painted details.

A bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day!

And Handyman Husband gave me this one too…a boy to represent Daniel.  He went back and forth with the antique mall dealers to ensure this was indeed a boy.  They were all in agreement.

And here’s my last one (hopefully not the “last” of this collection!) I bought in CT.  A fond reminder of my visit with Bunny Williams.  I love it’s wood grain look.  So different!

And here they sit on my desk each one representing something very special to me!  A big thanks to Handyman Husband who has given me 3 out of the 6!

Do you like to collect?  If so, what?

Enjoy the day!


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