Fragrant Flowers

Yesterday morning I woke up prior to my family, so I sat on our screened-in porch.  It was a quiet, calming, and tranquil time.  Something that rarely happens in my life these days.  If I could have captured the moment with my camera for you to enjoy, I would have in a heartbeat.  The birds were singing, crickets chirping, fountain dripping, and it was slightly foggy with the sun just rising.  But what was most prevalent, were the gardenias!  Their scent was unusually vibrant.  I like to fade off in these moments of sounds and smells…until I look over my left shoulder and see the profile of my son staring at me through the backdoor.  Although I only “faded off” for 5 minutes, it was just what I needed, and then I enjoyed some quality time with Daniel.


Early foggy morning

Sweet baby boy…with the sun barely peeking!

I decided to bring in some of this happiness from the morning.  I cut some gardenias and have placed them throughout the house.  Mary, my dear friend, neighbor, and carpool buddy, and I walked the other day.  We were discussing many topics one of which were the gardenias growing in my backyard; we have two large mature shrubs we inherited when we moved here.  I was so pleased to learn that Mary not only knew about these special gardenias, but she knew their name as well…August Beauty.  I never realized until this year (sad to say since we’ve lived here for 5 years…must be the porch) that these gardenia shrubs bloomed twice a year.  I absolutely love when they first bloom in the spring and now late August till now too!  What a treat!  I am a member of two garden clubs but truly I am still learning!  Thanks to Mary for sharing “August Beauty” with me…


Here is the first of the two…nearest our porch with the urn fountain spilling over underneath.

And here is the second August Beauty in our backyard…lots of blooms.  Some beginning to fade away.

We’ve had some much needed rain in LR. Love the raindrops sitting on the deep green leaves.  And the fact that August Beauty is an evergreen is fantastic.

A tiny bouquet housed in a Japanese majolica vase (another collection) in my kitchen next to the sink for me to enjoy.

Another sweet bouquet placed in a sugar bowl (bought this lovely container at an antique mall missing its lid).  A little bit of August Beauty in the living room.

A single bloom with an attached bud in our guest bath/children’s bath.

A single bloom tucked away in a crystal etched juice glass resting on a table in our bedroom.

And when I awoke this morning, the sweet fragrance of this August Beauty welcomed me.

Elizabeth enjoys a bit of happy in her bedroom as well.  I used the second juice glass (bought a pair just for this use).

And last but not least, I placed one on my desk without water tucked away.

We’re also enjoying this fragrant bouquet of lilies my parents brought Saturday to watch the Arkansas game (no comments!).  I recreated our Culinary Club meal.  Yummy!

Do you enjoy fragrant flowers?

Enjoy the day!


2 thoughts on “Fragrant Flowers

  • I thought I was looking at pages in Victoria. The one in E’s room was out of this world…….the lighting, the subject matter, the simplicity……..gorgeous!
    Do you know about water vials? You fill them up and put a bloom in them….like for the gardenia on your desk…oh well, it was gorgeous how you had it. Your photography is out of this world! I mean it!!!!

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