Found Objects

As you all know, I recently took a trip to Connecticut and visited the fabulous Bunny Williams.  While on this journey, there were a few objects I was hoping to find such as driftwood from the beach and a New England bread bowl.  During our antiquing stops, I happened to find some great things to remind me of this wonderful time.  Actually,  Elizabeth found a few of these special items for me (which makes them more special!).  After leaving Bunny’s home, we wanted to drive around Falls Village one more time to reminisce.  We came upon a General Store and found some really great things.  Elizabeth new I was looking for a bread bowl and found the perfect one; it even had copper detailing!  And this was the perfect bowl not only for its great price and size, but it would also continue to remind me of my day that was just spent with Bunny.  It was a keeper…


I love its size, and you can see a peek at the copper detailing on the left side.

The copper detailing is on both sides of the bread bowl.

As you can see, I filled the bread bowl with some fabulous “found objects.”

The first layer is a bed of rocks found on the beach in Watch Hill, RI.  AMAZING town!  Elizabeth and I were shocked to find rocks and not shells that we were so used to finding on the beach in FL.  However, these rocks are a true treat.  Such natural beauty!

Next, I placed 3 sets of antlers I found in a fabulous shop in Woodbury, CT (the antique capitol of CT).  I hope to post about this great shop soon!

Lastly, these great shells I found in an antique shop in Mystic, CT.  I love their detail…almost fossil like.

And so here my “found objects” sit in this great bread bowl found in Falls Village appropriately next to my treasure of a book “An Affair with a House.”

So each time I sit in my living room I’m now reminded of my fabulous trip to CT.  This bowl full of “found objects” truly brings a smile to my face…which reflects my design philosophy!

And if you’re wondering, I did find driftwood too!

Enjoy the day!


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