Accidental Side Table

Recently, I added a rather large antique secretary in our living room which is now my desk.  Therefore, I had to rearrange the living room.  Several years ago, we switched our dining and living areas because we needed more room for dining, and I wanted a quaint sitting area to call my own.  It’s amazing how much furniture I’ve been able to house in this not so large space.  After Handyman Husband placed the new secretary, I went to work.  I’ve collected coffee table books forever, and since I really have no time for novels, these books allow me the moments I need.  As the magic began, I compiled my books together, and I loved this accidental look!  They’ve been stacked ever since.  When I choose to peruse, I simply remove a book and then slide it back into the stack.  It’s the perfect height and adds a sense of dimension to the room as well…



My dancing flowers have a place of honor, and there’s just enough space for a beverage too!


A few of my favorites for easy access

And being that this “side table” is narrow, it allows enough space not only for my desk chair, but for Molly (one of our miniature Dachshunds) to take her morning post as well.

Have you ever had an “accidental design” happen to you?

Enjoy the day!


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