It’s Official: Fall is Here!

The weather was perfect here in LR over the weekend.  We celebrated the new season by throwing the  football and frisbee in the front yard  and taking a family walk.  And this was just not any family walk…it was the launch of Handyman Husband’s project he’s been working on for the past 3 or so years!  He built a pedal pusher airplane for the kids from scratch!!!!  AMAZING!  This project took its first successful flight on Saturday.  And I guess this is a great time to announce that Handyman Husband will be a guest blogger on my blog!  How fun is that?  I believe his first entry may just be about this airplane…can’t wait for you to see it!  Oh, and the kids slept on the screened-in porch ALL NIGHT Friday, so they could wake up on the first day of fall outside.  I was shocked they lasted the night.  (I did count down from 5, and they did enter the house.  But they gave it another try, and they did it!)  I promised I’d share my fall decor with you, so here are a few pictures (prior to a couple of fall additions I’ll be posting about later)…


I enjoy layering the front porch.  New this year are the polka dot white pumpkins.  It’s a new bit of happy.

And you can see our family’s scarecrow.  So easy and fun to make.  I’ll be posting tomorrow how to make one.

 The plant stands are now filled with a pumpkin and fall foliage.




 I’ll be sharing more fall decor from the front porch this week!

Did you decorate for fall over the weekend?

Enjoy the day!


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