How to Make a Scarecrow

We made our first scarecrow a couple of years ago.  The kids had a ball, and so did I.  Daniel’s precious godmother, Stephanie, was here; she helped paint and make the paper bag face.  He was a great addition to our fall decor, so we decided to make another one this year.  The process is easy as pie…





Gather an old pair of jeans or overalls, an old plaid shirt, newspaper, plastic bags, and twine.  Thank you Handyman Husband for the donations.

Then let the stuffing begin!


Be sure to take a reading break!

Once his pants were stuffed, we cut up some inexpensive luau skirts for the “straw.”

 Secure your straw with twine and be sure to have some fun while you’re making your scarecrow!

The body is ready to go!

Elizabeth designed a paper bag head for our scarecrow.

Until we found this great painted pumpkin…

We added another luau skirt for hair.

And so here our scarecrow sits…adding family fun to our fall decor!

Have you ever made a scarecrow?

Enjoy the day!


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