My Cornstalks

Probably my most favorite addition to the fall decor are my cornstalks!  Love my cornstalks!  This new tradition started 3 years ago when Handyman Husband’s friend and coworker offered him some corn.  Of course, we said yes!  Stan (the man!) truly expanded my fall decor horizons.  I never would have thought about adding cornstalks if it weren’t for Stan.  This Dallas girl sometimes forgets about the homegrown produce grown in this fabulous state of AR.  Local produce is a fantastic way of adding to your outdoor decor during many seasons.  But for me, the cornstalks take the cake.

Stan decided not to grow corn this summer due to our high temperatures.  He is a pilot instructor as well as a farmer.  Our family is looking forward to taking a field trip this fall to his farm.  And he and his wife make their own cheese as well…delicious!  We are also fortunate to buy our eggs from Stan as well.  So back to the point of Stan not growing corn this summer…I was devastated when I heard that news.  Really devastated since I had grown to love this new tradition.  What was I going to do?  I began searching away and calling around LR.  My dear friend, Alecia, did locate some corn for me (just waiting on its arrival).  On Saturday, (yes, the first official day of fall) I found some corn!  I just couldn’t wait!  All they way home I was doing the happy dance…I had my cornstalks!!!  So the tradition continues…


You can also see the pumpkin lights strung above the front doors.  A nod to my childhood!  In fact, some of these pumpkins are from my childhood thanks to Mother.


Childhood pumpkin lights

And what’s so great about these cornstalks is the fact there’s still corn attached!

It was so fun to peel back the cornhusks to unveil the bright yellow corn!

The cornstalks add height, texture, and dimension to the fall decor.

And so now my fall decor is complete!  My dear neighbor, Terry, summed it up.  She said the cornstalks are like a mat to a frame…it now looks complete!  Thanks Terry!   I’ll be sharing just a couple of more outdoor pictures before we go inside!

Do you decorate with cornstalks?

Enjoy the day!


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