My Big Fat Greek Wedding: Part 2

And the wedding weekend continues!  Enjoy the ceremony and reception…


Sweet nieces of the bride, Bella and Rosa!

 Elizabeth having her hair done…she’s on cloud nine!



The beautiful Mother, Rita, and bride!



 Gazing at the bridesmaids and bride having pictures taken outside!

 Daniel in a tux, oh my!

Yes, self-portrait!

The happy groom!


I thought Mother looked especially beautiful this day!

My three favorite men/boy!

The groom awaits his bride!

And if only I could show you Daniel running down the aisle to me, priceless!

It’s official…they’re married taking their first steps as husband and wife!

Meet the Mr. and the Mrs.!

And if you’re wondering what Daniel was doing…here he is!

The two families!

Bridal party!

Dear friends!

I could envision one of these sparklers in a client’s home!

Love the “drink” tables!

Pat, who’s responsible for bringing the couple together and her husband, Mark!

Love the pillows and throws (and Handyman Husband too!)

The wedding party broke plates…Greek tradition and then we toasted the couple with ouzo!

Groom’s parents, Kiki and George, and Mother!

And the evening had to come to an end!

Wishing Nick and Kristi a lifetime of happiness!

Enjoy the day!


4 thoughts on “My Big Fat Greek Wedding: Part 2

  • Those are awesome! You look beautiful Jana! I swear the maid of honor went to st mary’s with me and the best man goes to our church here in Fayetteville (I think)! Small world in Arkansas! Love reading your blog. So glad I ran in to you in LR this last time in town and am so glad you are FINALLY doing what you were meant to do!

    • Hi Robyn! So glad to hear from you…thank you for your sweet comments! Yes, you probably do know both people. The bride and her sister went the MSM, and the best man does live in Fayetteville! Small world for sure! Look forward to seeing you soon!

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