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As I have stated before, I’m a true believer in your home telling a story.  As I look around my home, I literally can tell you a story about every piece.  The Where?  Why?  How?  and When?  I encourage my clients to tell a story as well.  “Tell Me a Story” will be a series here on Jana Hunter Interior’s Blog.

I would first like to tell you this story…A few years ago, I was coming out of a store and noticed an elderly man who looked frazzled and lost.  Something came over me to inquire within, so I did.  Sure enough, he had no idea where he was much less how to drive home.  He did know where he lived, so I asked him to follow me to his house.  Once we arrived at his home, he told me “his story.”  He told me how he had lost his wife of more than 50 years, he was an Italian immigrant, and had been an artist for many years.  He was a proud man who loved his wife dearly.  He insisted on giving me something.  I expressed my gratitude but said bringing him home was gift enough for me!  And did I mention he was persistent!  He again insisted!  So I said okay.  He walked into his home and brought me this…


 I started to cry right then and there.  This man had no idea “my story.”  That I had two children, a girl and a boy (and the girl is older!).  He had no idea we love to look up at the moon.  And that we have two dogs.  And we love to catch fireflies in the summer.  But God knows!

I was so moved by this man.  I contacted my dear friend, Beth, who is Catholic.  He mentioned he was Catholic.  I thought the church could help this man.  One thing led to another, and I was connected with his daughter (thank you again Beth!).  She knew dementia was settling in, but now she knew it was serious.  She thanked me.  And I thanked her.  I often think of him.  I have to know in my heart he’s doing okay.  And I do know God is with him, as He was with me that day!  This special memento now hangs in our children’s playroom!

Do you have a story to tell in your home?  If so, send it my way…I’d love to share “your story!”

Enjoy the day!


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