The Decorated Entry

It’s always a “treat” decorating for each new season and holiday.  After ending the summer months of not so much decorating, it’s nice to be in full swing again.  The kids especially enjoy this time of year.  And both actually took part in the decorating.  Most of the decorations on the entry table are for Halloween.  We tend to go “happy” and not “scary.”  This may change in the future having Daniel now!  Here is the entry…


This year I added the fall garland around the mirror.  I’ll be adding some lights closer to the big day.  Elizabeth helped decorate the entry table.  The large pumpkin glows at night.  Flanked on either side are gifts to the kids from their Big Yaya!  Precious keepsakes since she’s no longer with us.

We place a tea light inside this little one on the big night!

This sweet miniature set was also given to them by Big Yaya!

And Daniel placed Mr. Scarecrow inside the garden basket.  I adore Mr. Pumpkin Man.  He’s made of paper mache, and his head bobbles.

And our sitting witch is new this year!  I love her gray hair and iridescent purple dress!

Housed below the entry table are our very important trick-or-treating pumpkins!  I keep our trick-or-treater candy inside the far left basket.  The one in the middle is Elizabeth’s pumpkin, and Daniel’s is next to it.

Elizabeth’s pumpkin is very special to me.  It was mine when I went trick-or-treating!

Since my brother and I had the exact pumpkin, Mother had written our initials on the bottom.

I enjoy adding to our Halloween decorations each year.  We have a few more that I will be sharing as the day gets closer.

Do you decorate with happy, scary, or both for Halloween?

Enjoy the day!


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