My Visit With Bunny Williams-Part 2

My visit with Bunny Williams continues.  If you missed my first post, enjoy reading about it here!  Although I took this trip in August, I will never forget!  We continue with the gardens.  I just received an email from Eric Ruquist, whom you’ll meet.  He said,”the gardens are being put to bed very soon.”  I love that quote!  I’m so thankful we had to the opportunity to see them in their glory…



The Parterre Garden is next to the Conservatory (one of my favorite rooms!).

Elizabeth is admiring a wonderful grouping of succulents.  And the container in the background houses compost.


Marco is peeking inside the Conservatory (where we dined for lunch!).

Every square inch of detail has been addressed.

Entrance into the Sunken Garden adjacent to the home.

Looking up to the home!

We cannot begin to thank Eric (Bunny’s head gardener) enough for his time in making this tour of the gardens so memorable.  He has an eye for not only detail, but his love and passion for gardening is evident throughout these pictures.

Thank you Eric!  You are a true delight!!!

Are you starting to put your gardening beds to sleep?

Enjoy the day!


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