The Dorcas House

October is “Domestic Violence Awareness” month here in AR.  I know this because I volunteer at The Dorcas House, a home for battered women and children.  The Dorcas House is part of the Union Rescue Mission.  God truly brought me to this house.  It was last January that I arrived at The Dorcas House bringing baby wipes to them that my church had raised during the Christmas season.  Right then, I offered my decorating services.  I heard a lady’s voice, “I need help with my new office furniture!”  This voice belonged to Dorcas, the wonderful therapist, and then I met Michelle, the fantastic Bible and Leadership/Team Building expert.  Low and behold they did not have anyone helping with the house.  They took me on a tour, and I’ve been there ever since!  The goal has been to create a cohesive design by rearranging furniture, using what they have, repurposing items, and bringing in the new.

Dorcas said that I was sent to them by God.  WOW!  One of the ladies living there came up to me and said,”thank you for making our house a home.”  Another WOW!  My time at The Dorcas house fills my heart and is an opportunity for me to empower others through design.  After attending the fabulous Designer Bloggers Conference in Los Angeles this past February, I was inspired by two ladies who started Dwell with Dignity, a non-profit organization that helps furnish homes for families transitioning from homelessness.  What could I do for The Dorcas House along these lines?  It clicked!  I could offer a graduation gift to the ladies who completed the 9 month program.  I approached the executive director, and the idea was approved!  I now offer two hours of my services to recent graduates.  Here is a peek at The Dorcas House…

The home is 15,000 square feet!

You may notice some paintings resting against the house on the porch…I cannot WAIT to share these paintings with you!

The foyer is grand!

Dorcas and Michelle found this great painting…reds are used throughout the house.

Prints are hung throughout the home of mother and child…a reminder of who lives here.

If you have the opportunity to volunteer in your community using your God given talents, you truly can make a difference!  I look forward to sharing more stories about The Dorcas House.  They have impacted my life beyond belief!  I truly thank them for that!

Do you volunteer in your community?

Enjoy the day!


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