The Fall Mantel

I only decorate the mantel for fall and Christmas.  Our home is very layered, so adding another layer sometimes can be suffocating.  I know I could remove things during this time, so I could add more; however, I enjoy the simplicity of holiday decor.  (Of course, depending on the year, I may decide to decorate in full force!)  The mantel has been decorated for birthday parties as well (later this month and December!).  But for now we enjoy our simple mantel…

This year I found the tall grass adorned with bay leaves at the base.  Handyman Husband really liked these because he felt they were authentic next to his pheasant!

I was going to add orange ribbon either to the base or the middle of the grass but decided against it.  Elizabeth agreed.

The two tiny pumpkins provide the perfect pop of orange and reminds us of this wonderful time of year!

Handyman Husband’s pheasant graces our mantel year round.  He especially shines during this season.  Most likely, I’ll post about his animals which believe it or not, I’m a fan!

The antique duck decoys pay homage to Handyman Husband’s love of duck hunting…it’s almost that time of year!  Did you know AR was the duck hunting capitol of the world?

Love the title of this book!

Another duck decoy sits next to a plant we received from Handyman Husband’s work after losing my Yaya!

And Daniel is enjoying this new blogging gig of mine!  What a ham!  Love that little boy!!!

And here is the mantel without the lamps lit.  Speaking of the lamps…these were one of the first purchases for this home.  They are absolutely the perfect size, color, proportion, and ambience I wanted for the room.  The den is our most masculine room (and Handyman Husband claims it’s his only room in the house…he’s right, besides the garage!)  It’s the central hub and where we sit, relax, and watch tv.

Is your mantel decorated for fall?

Enjoy the day!


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