Supper Club

We love our supper club!  It’s a rather large group, and all are Catholic except for us, who are Greek Orthodox.  We were asked to join several years ago and have loved every minute.  Supper club is enjoyable because the group is super laid back, fun, and we laugh a lot.  Since it is a large group, our hosting obligation comes around every 1 1/2 years or so.  Saturday night was our turn!  In the past, we’ve served gyros, homemade egg rolls, and have had a hot dog bar to name a few.  The host provides the main dish, and the appetizers, sides, and dessert are brought by the group.  It’s also BYOB; however, I always serve a signature drink…

 The signature drink was a “Frozen Mojito!”  I first served this drink at the Koufeta Party I hosted in June.  I’ve served them several times since!  Easy, delicious, and perfect for a crowd!

1 can limeade concentrate

7 jiggers of rum

fresh mint


Blend and serve!

I have to say…when the first guest arrived, I offered Theresa a drink.  She was excited to try the concoction.  (My dear friend, Candy, and I just completed a candy bar fundraiser for the past two weeks at our elementary school.  We are exhausted to say the least; however, the $22,164.94 that has been raised so far is worth it!)  Serving with plastic wares at supper club is common.  So, I was all ready to serve the drink in red Solo cups.  Yes, Solo cups!  When I was about to serve her drink, I just couldn’t do it!  So, I pulled out the margarita glasses and that made me happy!  Now, I could officially serve her a drink!

Yummy and my favorite green color!

When I was reading through my “Better Homes and Garden” September issue, I came across the article featuring chef Hugh Acheson.  His dinner party sang to me!  So, I knew this would be the inspiration for our supper club theme!  Roasted Pork Tacos with Pumpkin Seed Sauce was the main entree’.  Here is the article:


Go to “Better Homes and Gardens” to find out more!  I slow roasted the pork for 6 hours!  Yummy, tender, and flavorful!  The Pumpkin Seed Sauce was quite different.  Not your typical “tex mex” type taco recipe.  The two married together made quite the pair!  Tomatoes, cilantro, sour cream, cheese, and lime wedges accompanied the tacos.

I also love supper club because it’s a potluck!  It’s amazing how everything always blends nicely together.  We had corn dip, cheese dip, and apples with caramel as appetizers.  A fresh green salad, roasted corn, and Rose’s famous potatoes served as sides.  For dessert, we enjoyed Texas Sheet Cake cupcakes and lemon squares.

Meet Yancy and Rob…eating and enjoying some football!

Mark enjoying football as well!  Some of the other men weren’t too thrilled to be a part of the blog!

Wendy, Nancy, Rose, Lisa, Beth (from Culinary Club), Theresa, and Kay smiling for the camera!

Great times and memories with great friends!!!  Many couples weren’t able to make it.  And believe it or not, Handyman Husband was called into work!  So I hosted by myself.  We all missed him!!!

Are you part of a supper club?  If not, start one, and if so, please do tell!

Enjoy the day!


P.S.  I won’t be here for a couple of days!  However, there are sure to be some great pictures coming soon!

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