My Latest Find

Handyman Husband and I just got back from a little getaway.  As we journeyed to our destination, of course, we antiqued along the way.  And Handyman Husband admitted that he enjoyed antiquing!  I only bought one item, but it was a pure “score” in my book!  You’ll never guess what I found…

A turtle shell!!!

 For a couple of years now, I have been on the lookout for a turtle shell.  I love their sculptural look.  To me, it’s a piece of art.

It is in perfect condition and already shellacked.  The inside is just as great as the outside!

I placed it with my “found objects.”  Right now, I’ll enjoy its presence just where it sits.  I look forward to sharing where we went on our little getaway soon!

What has been your latest find?

Enjoy the day!


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