Big Cedar Lodge

So did you guess where we went for our getaway?  A couple of months ago, I received an email that was titled “Chew On This.”  I read it.  Reread it. And probably reread it about 10 more times.  It was from my dear friend, Beth, (from Culinary Club and Supper Club) asking if Handyman Husband and I would like to join her and Rob (her hubby) for a getaway to Big Cedar Lodge.  Did I ever waiver on what my answer would be?  NO!  Logistics of Handyman Husband’s job and our kids were the only two things keeping us from going…both worked out!  It was perfect timing at the job, and my fantastic parents and friends came through for the kids.  We had been to Big Cedar a couple of summers ago with my parents and kids which was great fun!  Summer is great with the pools, dive-in movies, bonfire with s’mores, and the lazy river.  But this would be different…my favorite time of year…fall!  We were off!  We left last Monday morning and returned Wednesday evening…

As mentioned before, fall decor greeted us everywhere.  This “first impression” prior to checking in was a guarantee this getaway would be splendid!


 Here is our room or should I say ” luxury cabin!”

LOVE this rug!

We travel with bar!

I would so enjoy this double copper sink!

Rob and Beth enjoyed the master bedroom.  She felt rude taking it…hello!  You invited us on this glorious trip…we would have been fine on the sofa!

View from their bedroom!

Master shower!

Our bedroom!

Great textured sink!

Rob and Handyman Husband enjoying a game of tic-tac-toe…did you know you could lose at tic-tac-toe?

Ask Handyman Husband!!!

We had a bit more humor as well…our ceiling, floor, and walls started leaking!  Nothing that a shop-vac wouldn’t cure (and a gift card!)

Literally, water was coming from everywhere!  Luckily, we laughed about it, and it’s a definite memory!

With a butterfly garden below our balcony…

Architecture like this…

And with views like this, you tend to forget about water leaks!  Words cannot begin to express our gratitude to Rob and Beth for including us!!!  And with 700 pictures, I’ll be posting soon about Big Cedar Lodge!

Have you ever been to Big Cedar?  If not, book now!!!

Enjoy the day!


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  • Of course Big Cedar is one of my all time favorite places to visit. And it’s more fun with good friends!! Great, relaxing trip. I must go now and check the mail. I’m certain there is a gift card waiting for me.

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