“Cars” Birthday

Over the weekend, we celebrated Daniel’s 3rd birthday (his actual big day is this coming weekend)!  We plan months in advance when it comes to birthday parties around here.  Daniel decided on a “Cars” theme awhile back.  Of course on Saturday he boasts, “I want a monster truck party!”  This was his first “friend” party.  Just like we’ve done for Elizabeth’s parties:  the table was set, the craft and game were ready to go, the menu of pizza, cake, and ice cream was prepared, and presents were waiting to be opened.  Boy parties are SO different than girl parties!!!  Once again, I’m taught the lesson to go with the flow!  I had so much fun watching these boys…they never were all together at the table!  Only a few played the game and completed the craft.  But the day was great, and when I tucked Daniel in for bed, he said, “Thank you for giving birthday!”  PRICELESS…

We hosted the party in the dining room for obvious reasons, seating.  The dining chairs were slipcovered with black garbage bags with white card stock “road” stripes.


The store bought centerpiece was colorful, fun, and easy!

The race car picture frame and markers awaited each guest!

As well as the precious place cards big sister made!

A special medal and hat awaited Daniel although he only wore the hat backwards for a bit.

Elizabeth had a special piggy bank craft, and her place card had grass…the boys place cards did not!

The chandelier is always decorated!

Daniel’s only request was balloons and cake!  He got both!

Extra balloons were a welcoming sight as well as the “Welcome Race Fans” banner!

Daniel took part in the craft as well as a couple of others!

Twins, Teddy and Cooper, did a fantastic job with the help of their daddy Roger!

 Fun with the party blowers!

Chase having fun with the cars!

Pinning the 95 on Lightning McQueen!

Nikolas loved this game!

Thomas the Train came out to play!

Time for pizza!  Biggest crowd at the dining table!

 Liam having fun with the choo choo train!

Shep and Liam!

The “piece de resistance”…the cake made by Handyman Husband himself!!!!  He baked, shaped, and iced the cake all by himself!  And it tasted good too!

Daniel enjoyed all of his special presents from family and friends!

This sweet card was from Thea Mary, my Yaya’s best friend!  We love having her at our family events!

Here is Peter and his son Nikolas (also Liam)!  This blog wouldn’t be up and running without him!  Thank you Peter!!!

Daniel opened up Sissy’s gifts last.

Granddaddy and Daniel…his namesake!

Playing on the front porch with his new toys!

YiaYia and the birthday boy!

And this last picture sums it up!  He had such a fun day, and at the end of the day, that’s what matters!  Honestly, we all took a nap!!!

Do you enjoy planning birthday parties?  If so, what has been your favorite to plan?

Enjoy the day!


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