Big Cedar Lodge: Part 2

I promised I would be sharing more pictures from Big Cedar Lodge!  Have you booked your getaway yet?  If not, you just may…


Both mornings, Handyman Husband brought me the perfect cup of coffee!  Just the way to begin the day!

After coffee, we drove to Devil’s Pool Restaurant for their divine breakfast buffet!

This was part of our view while dining outdoors!

Another view!

While Handyman Husband enjoyed the buffet, I devoured the garden omelet topped with goat cheese, the amazing skillet potatoes, and the best cinnamon raisin toast ever!

Personally, the Bloody Mary screams “Big Cedar” to me!  It’s a must have if you enjoy this cocktail!  I walked back to Devil’s Pool the next day by myself and enjoyed another one!

And while we’re relaxing, dining, and sipping, we look down and see Running Rob go by…so dedicated!

After breakfast, I ventured downstairs, so I could share the Buzzard Bar with you!

An original pot belly stove!

This is a happening place at night!  Great for dinner too!

There is such history at Big Cedar!  Handyman Husband enjoyed reading up on Devil’s Pool and the two families who originally lived on the property.

We were fortunate enough to be here when Table Rock Lake was low…we were able to see Devil’s Pool!!!

Notice the rectangular pool?  That’s Devil’s Pool!

Gorgeous views everywhere!

This low water rock bridge is so fun to cross by car!

We headed to the gift shop which is also adjacent to the welcome center.

The entrance into the gift shop!

When entering the welcome center (next door to the gift shop), you can’t miss this skeleton!

Always something for the kids!

Is this wall wrapped in animal hides fantastic or what?

Be sure to look up…you never know what you’ll see!

Although we were just there a short time, there’s so much to share.  Next, flowers, fall decor, and more fun when we visit Big Cedar again on the blog!

Are you booking your trip now?

Enjoy the day!


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