Art Show at the Dorcas House

“Life is a blank canvas, you are the paintbrush, paint a masterpiece!”  I coined this phrase several years ago never knowing this would come full circle.  You may also remember reading this quote on my website.  After attending chapel at The Dorcas House several weeks ago, Dorcas and Michelle, the wonderful directors at The Dorcas House, and I sat in the library visiting.  Michelle was so thrilled to share with me a painting one of the ladies painted for her home she shares with her new husband.  I took one look at this painting and observed pure talent.  I knew of two clients who would purchase this painting immediately.  One thought led to another, and  “The Blank Canvas Drive” was started.  After sending out a blast email to friends, monetary donations as well as canvases of all sizes arrived at The Dorcas House for the ladies to paint away!  This project has enabled the ladies to express themselves through paint.  Whether feelings are happy or sad, painting allows the ladies to verbalize via a paintbrush.  Last night, the first art show was held at The Dorcas House…


The day began with the help of Michelle’s mother, Sherry, her grandmother, myself, and Elizabeth setting up for the big event!  Sherry had brought balloons and set up the easels!  Elizabeth was hard at work setting up with paintings!

She also set up the smaller paintings against the brick wall in the background!

Each painting had a “bio” of the artist(s) attached.  Awesome!!!  The stories were touching, sweet, and gave an insight into each personality!

 Tonya and Kelly are very special!  These two ladies were the inspiration behind the “Blank Canvas Drive!”  They are the artists who painted Michelle’s painting and got us talking!!!  Thank you Tonya and Kelly!!!  True inspirations!!!

Meet Tonya and Kelly!!!!

And here is Tonya and Kelly with Elizabeth…A few weeks ago I took Elizabeth to The Dorcas House.  We were perusing through the paintings, and one particularly caught her eye!  She talked about it non-stop and asked that I buy it for her room.  Of course!!!  We look forward to sharing its new home with you soon!

Although the artists called this painting “Josephine,”  Elizabeth has named it “Dream Land!”  And she wants to keep the “sold” sign attached since it was the first painting sold at the art show!

She couldn’t stop staring at her new pride and joy!

These two paintings are by Kelly.  The Razorback painting is great because my Daddy bought it!  It will be now be hung in his restaurant Arkansas Burger Company!!!

Enjoy the paintings at the first ever Dorcas House Art Show!!!

This sweet pumpkin will be in Elizabeth’s room!  She adored it!

Besides paintings, there were bracelets, necklaces, and bookmarks made by Sandra.  Elizabeth chose a very pretty one!

We also have two bookmarks!

Crocheted blankets were available!

Tonya’s mom supported her daughter’s art!!!

And so did Kelly’s dad!!!

Meet Gabriella!  With her first painting ever!  The ladies attended a painting event at a local store “Spirited Art.”

Fast friends!

And we brought Gabriella’s painting home with us!!!  Gabriella’s reaction…PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Tonya’s version of “A Starry Night” painted at Spirited Art.  This spoke to me, so you can guess it came home with me too!  The ladies received very sad news this past weekend.  One of the residents passed away Sunday evening.  When Tonya painted, she was sad and heartbroken from the loss.  In her bio, she also states how much she adores The Dorcas House, Dorcas, and Michelle!  A fond story I will always have when admiring her work!

Refreshments were served..

It was a glorious night…

Guests enjoyed themselves (Thank you Mother and Daddy!)

And the first ever Dorcas House Art Sale was a success raising $765!!!

THANK YOU Dorcas and Michelle!!!  The art show was successful because of your passion, support, and love for The Dorcas House!

“The Blank Canvas Drive” will hopefully one day turn into “The Blank Canvas Foundation,” a non-profit I look forward to starting.  Although a baby now, we have to start somewhere, and there is no better place than The Dorcas House to watch this baby grow!!!!

This has to be my favorite post yet!!!

Enjoy the day!


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