The Birthday Banner

Growing up, my family had many traditions!  And now I have the joy of passing down these traditions to my children.  My prayer is for these traditions to be passed down generation to generation!  One big tradition is the “birthday banner!”  Mother would paint “Happy Birthday Jana” on white butcher paper and hang it across our home in Dallas.  Now, I have the great pleasure of painting banners for my children…


Last year, we incorporated a new “Hunter Tradition” where they get to decorate their banner!

Daniel took great pride in being the artist!

Sister helped little brother with the paint!

Let the purple (one of his favorite colors) paint fun begin!

Handyman Husband taking it outside to hang up across the house!

And here’s a look down memory lane…

Daniel’s 1st birthday banner with his fabulous and adorable godmother, Stephanie!

His 2nd birthday banner!

And the not so happy birthday boy with YiaYia and Granddaddy with his 3rd banner!

He’d rather remain hiding behind the topiary!

Hard to believe our baby boy is now 3!

Happy Birthday Daniel!  We love you!!!

Enjoy the day!


2 thoughts on “The Birthday Banner

  • Looks like such fun and a fabulous family tradition!!! Your such a great mom and I know your mom is proud that you appreciate the traditions she started with you!!! HaPpY BiRtHdAy DaNiEl!!!!

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