Another Happy Halloween!

Last night was perfect for trick-or-treating here in LR!  Fresh, crisp air welcomed all of the neighborhood children in costume including our own!  Once again, tradition comes into play!  Growing up, Mother would stay home to pass out candy, and Daddy would take my brother and I door to door.  Great memories!  Now we do the same each year with our kids!  And what’s so great is now Granddaddy comes over for chili and goes trick-or-treating with the grandchildren and Handyman Husband (YiaYia still stays home to pass out candy in her neighborhood).  And now I stay home to pass out the candy…

 It started bright and early before school!  Elizabeth was dressed for the day, and Daniel still in his “flight suit.”

True statement, “Candy makes me happy!”

As the day progressed, Daniel was in the Halloween spirit!  And then at the last minute, he decided to be a hamburger (last year’s costume) instead of a scarecrow!  He had wanted to be a scarecrow for months!

Daniel’s sweet pumpkin from school (I still have Elizabeth’s too!)

Witches and ghosts were flying…

And it was not time to carve the jack-o-lantern!

 Best part…taking out the “guts!”

And then our dear friends stopped by just in time!  Connor, Diane’s son (Culinary Club), was a fabulous helper!

Now it’s my job to clean and roast the pumpkin seeds!

Handyman Husband designed the face!

Connor went to work!

Diane and Elizabeth watching the magic happen!

And the creative Carter (Diane’s younger son, and my godson)!  Check out this great play dough pumpkin!  And the stain on his shoulder is from his mom’s wine; however, we said it was “blood” on this particular day!  And these two young men are the best…mannerly, kind, happy, helpful, and just great!

Handyman Husband finishing up while Granddaddy enjoys the festivities too!

As well as having fun!

The big reveal!

The time had finally arrived!

Notice Elizabeth’s pumpkin!

Self portrait time!

And they were off…


My little sweet treat I picked up on the way to Big Cedar!

From our home to yours…hoping you had the best Halloween having fun, making memories, and either starting or creating new traditions!

Enjoy the day!


P.S.  I could not end without thanking Handyman Husband for his guest post yesterday!  I loved it!  Just a “bit” of his personality shined through his words!  He had so much fun writing…good thing, since he’s going to be guest blogging here and there!  Thank you PSr!

P.S.  And our thoughts and prayers continue to be with those affected by Sandy!!!!

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