Garden Club: Fall Arrangement

Yesterday our neighborhood garden club met, and we enjoyed a delicious “crockpot soup” lunch.  Prior to lunch, we heard from the talented Chris Norwood, vice president and lead floral designer at Tipton Hurst, a local florist…


The “before” lying across the conference table in our neighborhood’s club house.

Fresh wheat, millet, broom corn, and kale!

 The bright red peppers, pumpkin tree, yarrow, sunflowers, and mums add that fall pop of color!

Old-fashioned mums…love the texture!

Fresh pumpkins and gourds!

Gorgeous hydrangeas (one of my favorite flowers)!

Dyed red sunflowers…someone asked if you could do this at home.  The answer was “not really.”  The process actually needs to be done right after the first cutting.

 Rose hips!

After our delightful vice president, Laura, introduced Chris, the program began with a great tip…arrangements for your home should be no taller than the length of your elbow to your wrist!  This tip allows for conversation while dining!

Chris’s first demonstration was a fall arrangement appropriate for a long dining table.  Notice the oasis (which is wet) secured with floral tape.  He also put a liner inside the container to prevent leakage.  He layered the arrangement starting at the bottom using the broom corn.  Great length and texture!

Bring on the pumpkins and gourds!

Next, he added the kale!

He also mentioned kale can be “manipulated” and shaped into the size of leaf needed.  You may also break the kale apart to add more depth where needed!

Next, he added the fresh wheat.  Prior to cutting the wheat, first secure with floral tape and then cut.  This technique not only makes for a clean cut but little mess as well!

The sunflowers were tucked in together instead of in a polka dot fashion.  He stated “color blocking” is popular these days when adding color.  This technique is also used when decorating and fashion as well!

The red peppers…

And pumpkin tree were added…

As well as the graceful millet and the old-fashioned mum!

The completed arrangement…How graceful, elegant, and oh so fall!

How delightful is this “plucked” sunflower!  Chris literally removed the yellow petals to bring out the natural quality of the flower!

And here’s another glimpse of the fall arrangement as well as two more projects I’ll be discussing next week!  Thank you to Chris Norwood for a delightful and informative program!  By the way, all of the items you’ve seen may be purchased at Tipton Hurst!

Are you ready to create a fall arrangement now?  I am!

Enjoy the day and weekend!


4 thoughts on “Garden Club: Fall Arrangement

  • WOW!!! Thank you for taking all the wonderful pictures and writing all the helpful hints on how to make the fall arrangements!!! 🙂

  • Love the step by step directions and pictures. I’m actually taking a class in a few weeks at Tipton Hurst hosted by Chris. After seeing your post I am even more excited for my class. Thanks for posting!!! Anxious to see your next posts.

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