Fall Harvest Potluck

Our neighborhood had a “Fall Harvest ‘Crockpot’ Potluck” yesterday.  The weather could not have been more perfect!  Neighbors came together for a delightful meal, and the children (of all ages) enjoyed running, laughing, and old fashioned playing!  Rewind 30 years ago…growing up in Dallas as Mother organized our neighborhood gatherings.  It was every 4th of July.  Something so simple as a potluck blossomed into a talent show, parade, and fabulous memories!  Mother inspires me daily to create the memories for my family as she did for hers so many years ago!  This tradition for us started a year ago as I organized a group of friends who were so excited to help.  Our first potluck was in June of 2011…HOT!  But, oh so fun!  We decided to have a fall potluck next go around; however, we did enjoy an ice cream social this past June.  So with the help of the same group of great friends, and with some new ideas, the fall potluck was another success…

So how many are in the jar?

The adult prize!

And the kid’s prize!

Did you guess 317?  Ms. Elizabeth had the closest adult guess!  Congratulations!

Enjoy these great pictures of our neighbors and the fantastic fun we all shared!

Daniel had a ball!



Mary and Bethany, two of the organizers!

Watch out, here I come!

Sweet family!

Lynn and Joye, another organizer!

Elizabeth with her face painted!

Carpool buddies!

Face painting!


Absolutely priceless!

Three generations!

Handyman Husband and Roger!

So easy…3-4 pounds pork loin, 1 cup bbq sauce (I use Sweet Baby Ray’s), and 1 jar of dill pickle spears juice and all!  Cook on high for 4-5 hours and 1-2 hours on low.  Drain add more bbq sauce!  Enjoy!

Divine chocolate cake!

Self portrait!

Sweet sweet family!

Brother and sister fun!

Get ready for some football!

Jenny and her twin boys, Cooper and Teddy (from Daniel’s birthday)!

Cookie time!


I see you!

How great is this decoration!!!  Thank you Joye and Chad for “hosting!”

Can’t have a castle without the princesses!

Brother and sister!

The sun had set, so it was time to say “night night!”  Until next year!  A HUGE thanks goes out to Suzanne, Joye, Bethany, Mary, Amy, and Angela!  This event would not have been successful without you!

Here’s to neighborhood memories!

Does your neighborhood get together?  If so, I would love to hear about it!

Enjoy the day!


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