Garden Club: Another Fall Arrangement

Last Friday, I shared our neighborhood garden club’s program by Chris Norwood of Tipton Hurst.  Please enjoy another great and easy fall arrangement…


Chris first gathered dried wheat and placed floral tape around the middle!

Next, he placed rose hips around the wheat and secured with floral tape!

The ends of the stems were evenly cut!

Cutting the stems evenly helps to ensure (and adjust if needed) the perfect height for the container.  (He actually forgot the original container and just happened to have this glass monogrammed pitcher in his car!)

The gorgeous hydrangeas are inserted around the top of the pitcher!  Notice the leaves wrapped around the stems?  Always remember to cover the “mechanics” of the arrangement!

Let the fluffing begin!  The perfect and easy fall arrangement!

Chris suggested creating two of the tall arrangements just shown along with the long arrangement (featured last Friday) as the centerpiece.  The two tall arrangements flanking the centerpiece would be the perfect addition to your holiday buffet table!

Enjoy the day!


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