Tea Time

A few years ago, I was inspired by my friend, Amanda.  She had lunch with her grandmother every week.  So, a new three generation family tradition began…”Tea on Tuesdays at Two!”   Not only were great memories made, but Elizabeth was exposed to having tea at a very early age (She also enjoys coffee with YiaYia…milk with a dash of coffee!).  Yesterday (and it was Wonderful Wednesday), we had my neighbor and Mother’s childhood friend, Mary, over for tea.  We had a delightful time…

The tea table is almost ready!

Mother gave me the sweet tea pot spoon rests as well as the tea strainers!

I found this great set of Spode dishes at an antique mall.  The pattern is “Jewel.”  It blends nicely with my “Rose Chintz” by Johnson Brothers (future post).

My sterling pattern is “Francis I.”  And yes, I am a Kappa Kappa Gamma!  If you have never read, “A Southern Belle Primer: Why Princess Margaret Will Never Be a Kappa Kappa Gamma,” it’s a must read!

The house plant centerpiece was replaced with this beautiful fall bouquet; a gift from my neighbor, Terri, for helping with the Fall Harvest Potluck!  Thank you Terri!

 When Bunny Williams served us coffee on a sterling silver tray, it was a true treat!  So, I brought out tea on a silver tray (Arthur Court).

The creamer and sugar bowl are depression glass…this “pineapple” pattern was the very first “antique” I ever bought while in college!  (Another future post!)

Mother began having tea years and years ago!  She had her own tradition of having tea every afternoon when my brother was napping, and I was at school.  It was her 20 minutes of down time!  Her love of the Royal Family and all things English, has inspired her throughout her life.  Therefore, I was exposed to the proper way of having English tea at an early age too!  Twinings, Earl Grey, is her favorite, and the tea must be “loose” leaves not in a packet!

I cheated and served Almond Croissants from The Fresh Market!

Elizabeth and Daniel enjoyed their donuts!

Mary, Mother, and  Elizabeth at the tea table!

Daddy was our surprise guest!  No, he did not stay for tea! (But he did have a croissant!)


And where was Daniel???  Watching “Cars” on YiaYia’s phone!

And then he joined us…love that donut without the icing!

Enjoy these pictures from my future blogger, Elizabeth…

It was so fun watching her work her magic and thinking about the “details!”

Mother gave me this lovely sterling silver tea strainer.  It fits inside the tea pot spout…so neat!  And I adore this picture by Elizabeth!

Mary was so kind to bring us back some goodies from her recent trip to Charleston.  She brought us two containers of tea from the only tea plantation in the US!  Also, this great 250 piece tea cup jigsaw puzzle.  And to boot, this great newspaper article about the tea plantation!!!  Thank you Mary for inspiring us once again to have tea!  We thank you for the kind gifts and look forward to having tea again soon!

Would you like a cup of tea?

Enjoy the day!


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