Garden Club: Fall Wreath

After enjoying a delightful presentation from Chris Norwood of Tipton Hurst last week, last but certainly not least, is this great wreath idea.  Chris showed our neighborhood garden club three fabulous ideas for fall arrangements.  Hope you enjoy the last installment of his projects…

Chris started with this fantastic twig like 20″ form…I’ve never seen one like it!  You can find them in various sizes at Tipton Hurst.

He used preserved fall leaves and wired them to the form using the “ties” attached to the wreath creating an edge.

He kept twisting and attaching until the layer of leaves was complete.  He worked from the inside to the outside of the wreath form.

It’s now time to unwrap the wonderful natural burlap/jute (extra wide) mesh.  Love it!

Simply gather and attach to the wreath using the ties!

The wreath is completely filled with leaves and the burlap mesh!  Great tip:  He never cut the burlap until the wreath was completed.  Therefore, he always had enough mesh!

After completing two layers of the burlap mesh, faux pumpkins were attached using floral picks with an 18 gauge wire.  He poked the pumpkins on the sides and not all they way through.

Five pumpkins were used on the wreath…and he wasn’t done!  After each layer, we thought there’s more!!!

Two ribbons were incorporated next!  The fall plaid is fantastic as well as the natural ribbon!  Another great tip:  Layer the ribbons leaving one a little longer when gathering to where it’s not flat.  When attaching the ribbon, it will have dimension!


Effortlessly creating the bow for the wreath!

You may think he’s done, but he’s not!

He then added bittersweet!

Now it is complete!

Where did the wreath end up???  On my neighbor’s front door!  So glad Mary purchased this fantastic wreath for us all to enjoy!

The details and color are fantastic!

I am so inspired…how about you?

Enjoy the day and weekend!


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