Happy Veterans Day!

What is Veterans Day?  It’s a day we honor ALL of the men and women who have served in the military.  It’s a day we are to reflect, to be thankful, and to pause.  Pause and to say “thank you.”  Reflect and really think about those who have served as well as their families who have sacrificed.  It’s truly a day of honor.  Honestly, I never thought this way until I was introduced to Handyman Husband.  I grew up thinking it was a “day off,” the banks were closed, and the mail didn’t run.  I never truly thought about the meaning behind the days we honor the military.  Growing up, I thought of the military as having “short haircuts.”  WOW was I ever wrong!  I am blessed to be married to a veteran.  A veteran who served 23 years.  A veteran who never boasts of his honors, triumphs, or pride.  A veteran who loves his country.  A veteran who truly knows the meaning behind Veterans Day…

Handyman Husband had an “I love me” room when I met him.  We joke at that name; however, it really was a tribute to his service.  And it’s true that most of his Air Force paraphernalia is now in boxes in the attic. Except for some very important items.  This shadow box was created for him upon his retirement.  Pretty impressive!

Handyman Husband’s wings, ribbons, and medals!

His ranks leading up to Lieutenant Colonel!

His dog tags and pilot gloves!  As well as the C-130, one of the planes he flew!

His passport that can tell many stories from around the world!

His favorite quote hangs on our den wall and was the ending to his guest post!

His two bronze pilot statues flank his shadow box!

A mini version of the C-17!

A very special C-130!  It was the cake topper on his groom’s cake!

His collection of coins is fantastic!

The stars and stripes welcomed him home throughout his career!  This particular one was presented to him during his retirement ceremony!

This tribute to Handyman Husband barely scratches the surface of his career, leadership, and successes!  He has no idea I’m posting this today and will probably have mixed feelings as he NEVER boasts of all the great things he accomplished in his career!

Handyman Husband is home today.  I offered to take him to lunch or dinner, and I want him to spend the day as he wishes (I also said he could go buy a corvette if he’d like too…boy did his ears perk up!).  He greatly earned this day!  I now know the meaning of Veterans Day thanks to my Handyman Husband and to all the men and women who have served!  THANK YOU!  This day is all about you!!!

Enjoy this Veterans Day!


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