Tropical Plant Update

Yesterday, I shared how intriguing it was to watch a new leaf unfold on my tropical plant in my bedroom.  The process of this new leaf unfolding took almost 2 weeks.  However, once I watered the plant, it completely unfolded in a matter of hours!  Lesson learned…water!!!  Please enjoy my latest project in my bedroom…

I absolutely love her beauty!!!  This lovely tropical is now a statement in the room!

This concrete urn is the perfect weight, texture, and height to balance her sprawling leaves!

I love how she sits in the middle of the mosaic circle as if she were always meant to be!

I added the variegated ivy for the color, texture, and graceful trails!  My hope is for the ivy to continue trailing and fill in just a bit!  I enjoy the airiness of the ivy…not so compact!

The moss was added to cover the soil…plus, I adore moss!!!

Overall, I’m delighted with our new piece of “art” in the bedroom!

As you can see, the sunlight is filtering into the room!  I pray it continues, so she can stay awhile!!!

Enjoy the day and weekend!


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