To Paint or Not To Paint

I’ve decided to paint!  Several months ago, we bought a secretary.  I was in heaven.  It now serves as my desk, and I really enjoy sitting, relaxing, and working at this special place.  It’s a little corner I can call my own.  The secretary is a rather large piece (taller than most).  It’s definitely a “chief” in the living room.  And oh by the way…I switched my dining room and living room back to its original plan last week!!!!  And boy am I glad!  Although every muscle ached for a few days from moving all of the furniture (I surprised Handyman Husband…he did help with the secretary.  There was no way I could move that piece by myself!), it was well worth it!  More on the switch later…back to the secretary!  I adore the painted furniture look.  There’s something about its soft, soothing feel.  I thought about painting the entire piece but felt it would be “too much.”  The antique brown is gorgeous and balances the living room.  So I’ve decided to only paint the interior…

The interior has been empty since last Wednesday.  I have had the “inspiration” robin egg blue fabric swatch taped up!  Yesterday, I added a dab of paint…getting braver!

 I have literally sat in my living room pondering the idea “to paint or not to paint!”  It’s what I do!
As you can see, it’s a rather large and tall piece.  The painted interior will soften the look as well as provide the “look” without going full force!
So today is the day!  I’m painting the interior!  I look forward to sharing the completed project with you!
Tomorrow I will be sharing the interior of Bunny Williams Connecticut home!!!  Bunny has a secretary that I adore and was inspiration for me purchasing this secretary!
Do you have painted furniture in your home?
Enjoy the day!

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