My Visit with Bunny Williams-Part 3

Although we are entering the tail end of November, I continue to reminisce about my visit with Bunny Williams in August.  I still have that “did this really happen” feeling!   Today we will have a look inside the house…


Bunny first greeted us in the barn, one of my favorite rooms in “An Affair with a House.”  The conservatory, where we had lunch, is another favorite and is adjacent to the barn.  The buffet housed the most beautiful Tuna Nicoise  Salad and a platter of Fresh Mozzarella and Tomatoes with Balsamic vinegar served with French bread.  We were offered iced tea, water, and white wine.  Delicious!

Here Marco cools down on this fantastic floor!

The barn was even more delightful in person!  So comfortable and so “Bunny!!!”

The rooms looked as if they had jumped off the pages from her book.  Bunny has revisited the wallpaper; however, she has yet to change it.  Thank goodness because it’s wonderful!

Elizabeth made herself at home!

Fantastic chandelier!

 Details of the living room!

I didn’t see Bunny’s reflection in the mirror until I looked back at the pictures!

 This fantastic secretary was an inspiration for one we purchased!


I could sit in this room for hours!

John and Bunny’s art collection reminds me once again to purchase original art, and art that speaks to me!

This heavy gold gilded oak leaf and acorn frame caught Bunny’s eye.  She liked the painting too!  Bars are set up throughout the home…another inspiration for Mother and me!

Art in the den!

The piece of art below the dog painting caught my eye.  I inquired within and glad I did!  It was a gift from Sister Parish, and Bunny considers it one of her greatest treasures!



The most welcoming entry!

A view from the screened-in porch!

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit on the porch!  After our visit, it was time to go!

Prior to leaving, Elizabeth enjoyed playing with this play kitchen (in the kitchen) John had bought his great niece!

And my only other picture from the kitchen!  But I’ll take it!

A glimpse of the conservatory where we had lunch.  We had the most delicious fruit ambrosia served with vanilla ice cream (and cookies for Elizabeth) for dessert.  And coffee from the Dominican Republic, of course!

And after lunch!

Just before leaving, I took a few more pictures of the barn!


My all time favorite “page” from “An Affair with a House!”  The bunnies are a new addition…I found one similar that now sits on my screened-in porch as a lovely reminder of this fantastic time!

And this table houses some great treasures…the clear crystal on the right is a thank you gift from us!  It’s from Hot Springs, a definite keepsake from our beloved state of AR!  We also took them a copy of “Big Taste of Little Rock” which won the best fundraising cookbook in the world!  Mother wrote to them using her beautiful handwriting, and Elizabeth drew them a picture of an arbor with roses.

Mother with Bunny…a dream come true!

Thank you Bunny and John for making three generations very happy on this day!!!  You were kind and welcoming hosts, thank you so very much!

I guess this “really did happen” after all!

Have you ever pinched yourself to insure something really happened? I have!!!

Enjoy the day!


P.S.  Although “My Visit with Bunny Williams” comes to a close, I still have a few more pictures of the gardens I’m sure will pop up from time to time!

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