A Thanksgiving Story!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I debated whether or not to continue posting about the holiday.  I was pretty sure I would after an array of pictures taken on the big day and then I opened Elizabeth’s backpack this morning.  (Yes, I opened it this morning for the first time since last Tuesday!)  I discovered the BEST surprise!  It was a story and drawing from Elizabeth that confirmed Thanksgiving will continue…

You may need a bit of interpretation; however, I can read every word and this is PRICELESS!  Pure parent love!

Meet the characters:  Mommy, Daniel, Aunt Linda, Daddy, YiaYia, Josh, Elizabeth, and Granddaddy!  Although she may have left out some family members, you’ll meet them tomorrow!

I would say this was a keeper!!!  So after debating whether or not to even mention Thanksgiving again, I will be sharing more tomorrow and Wednesday!  Stay tuned for more family fun!

How was your Thanksgiving?

Enjoy the day!


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