Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving continues (although my Christmas is up!) with some great pictures from the big day…

We’ve celebrated Thanksgiving at my parent’s cabin for several years now.  It’s a true treat and getaway!  The day prior festivities began with the decorations!

Elizabeth thoroughly enjoys helping!  She and Daniel gathered fall leaves and placed them here as well.  Very special for the children’s table!

Another view with Handyman Husband’s game mounted above.  Mother refers to it as the “Reel Wall” since the everything else has been “bought!”

I adore these Japanese majolica turkey salt and peppers…I have a collection myself!

A lot of these decorations were from my Yaya!

The mantle is fabulous!!!  I have spotted lots of turquoise for Mother’s collection!  Elizabeth adorned the fall wreath with her handmade handprint turkey!

On the morning of Thanksgiving, Elizabeth, Handyman Husband, and I started cooking.  (By default…Daddy wasn’t feeling well, so we made his Broccoli Rice Cheese Casserole and must have Buttermilk Pies for him!)  It was Elizabeth’s first time to help with the meal.  It was fun all being in the kitchen together!

Daniel enjoyed playing with our girls, Missy and Molly!

The turkey arrived via Aunt Linda, who was mentioned in yesterday’s story!  She cooked the majority of the dinner!!!  It was all delicious!  As Elizabeth mentioned, we have a family tradition that goes back to my childhood!  The turkey is brought in by the children…it’s a very big deal!

It’s down to Jayden, Elizabeth, and Josh…where did Daniel and Hunter go?

She’s a beauty!

Cousin Chad had the carving honors!

Aunt Linda and Cousin Chad busy at work!

Mother lighting the candles!

Everything was scrumptious, and all plates were clean!

Yummy pies!

Daddy and Uncle Charles were the first to enjoy the pies!

Of course, there was football playing (we won’t mention the Dallas score)!

Let the relaxation begin!

And Elizabeth started a new tradition…baking cookies with Cousin Josh!  FYI…the cookie sheet in the front was from my childhood!!!!  Pretty neat!

Overall, it was a fun and very relaxing day!  At the end of the day, we may be full from the fantastic food, but honestly, it’s the “family” part of it that really counts!!!

CHEERS to Daddy’s famous Gin and Tonic and to family!!!  There is absolutely nothing better!

How did you spend your Thanksgiving!

Enjoy the day!


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