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A couple of weeks ago, I just happened to read on Twitter that Willie and Korie Robertson of the hit reality television show “Duck Dynasty” were speaking at Harding University in Searcy, AR.  Right then, I knew I’d be taking Handyman Husband to see them.  I prearranged for the kids to stay with Mother and Daddy.  Although I wanted to truly surprise him (SO hard to do!), I figured he would find out either from tv, the newspaper, or truly when he was in the duck blind this past weekend that they were speaking!  So, I told him.  He was super excited in his manly kind of way.  I on the other hand could not wait for the night to arrive!  I will be honest.  I have never watched a full episode.  Only in passing while Handyman Husband and the kids are glued to the tv!  It’s truly his favorite show.  So, I was thrilled to have spent such a great evening watching the biggest smile on his face…


We drove North to Searcy which was 40 minutes past the Air Base.  We googled restaurants and decided on Doc’s Grill and Steakhouse which I highly recommend!  I was the first to try their “winter special.”  And glad I did!  The salad was dressed with pomegranate seeds, orange segments, and pistachios.  Lovely!  The filet mignon encrusted with spices and a molasses drizzle was delicious.  And the polenta topped with heavenly mushrooms, cheese, and a hint of rosemary was divine!  Since I was the first to try the special, they offered me their key lime pound cake.  It came home with us!  And OH MY, it is the best pound cake EVER!!!

Although they were scheduled to speak at 7:30, the doors opened at 6:00 (This event was open to the public, no ticket required).  I could not believe the crowd!!!  The line looked as if it circled for miles.  We stepped in line, but when the doors opened, the crowd rushed inside.  Luckily, we were towards the front and found two seats on the fifth row!

You can slightly see just a hint of the line behind us (and they were actually ahead of us in the line)!

We were thrilled with our seats and the 1 1/2 hour wait began.  It actually flew by!

This is a view from the back top of the auditorium.  Its 4,000 seat capacity overflowed.  People lined the side walls and back wall!

Meet Willie and Korie!  A couple who met in the 3rd and 4th grade!!!!  Married at 18 and 19, graduated from Harding University, have 5 children (John Luke and Bella were in attendance.  And I convinced a student sitting next to me that this was “her chance” to get a picture with him.  She was so shy but ended up going with me!  So fun for her!), now married for 20 years and enjoying their “faith, family, and ducks!!!”

Prior to being introduced, we were lead in a prayer.  It was delightful starting the evening off in this way!

And here they are on the big screen!  (Some of my pictures weren’t great due to the bright lighting.)

They instantly engaged the audience by casually sitting in front of the podium.  Loved that!

Their smiles and laughter were contagious!  They spoke from their heart, and they were honestly the “real deal!”  It was truly enjoyable!  They were honest, warm, and funny.  And most of all, their faith and family come first!!!

And they were so attentive to one another!  They talked of love, forgiveness, and laughter…all good tools for a happy marriage!

A the end, there was a short question and answer time!

John Luke (the rock star) and Bella were introduced, 2 of their 5 children!

Then it was time for the book signing!  Another “stormed” event!  There were 500 books for 4,000 people.  Handyman Husband did not think we’d get one…

And with this line, it was doubtful!  However…

We got a copy!

It’s almost our turn!

Thanks Willie for the smile!

And more smiles!  I missed the “hand shake” but am so pleased with this one with Handyman Husband!

And as were leaving, this was the line!!!

You may ask…what does “Duck Dynasty” have to do with Jana Hunter Interiors!  Actually, quite a lot!!!  My business comes third, just like their business does.  Faith and family come first!  Their spirit as a couple is a reflection of how we are as a couple too!  Handyman Husband LOVES to duck hunt, and we proudly display his achievements which were show here and will be in future posts too.  I really enjoy the masculine aspect of game displayed in a room.  In fact, I will be sharing some antlers that will be mounted in our living room (Yes, I bought them!) soon.

Most of all, this evening was about Handyman Husband!  He deserves to wear that smile on his face!  Duck hunting is a true love and passion (besides his love for his faith, family, and the military)!  This was an early anniversary gift.  And I would LOVE to surprise him with a trip to duck hunt with the “Duck Dynasty” crew!!!  It would make him HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!  And I know I could keep it a surprise!  (I’m wondering if I was the only one in the crowd who gave them my business card?)  We shall see!

So, “Duck Dynasty” will you give me a “CALL?”

Enjoy the day!  And Happy Early Anniversary Handyman Husband!


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