And Thanksgiving Continues!

Being outside is also a true treat at my parent’s cabin.  We truly enjoyed the perfect weather on Thanksgiving…

Daniel loves to be outside and certainly enjoyed being “king of the mountain!”

Cousin Hunter also enjoyed playing on the mountain!  Notice the chairs turned over in the background…that would thanks to you know who!

Please indulge me as I share pics of my baby!

A breathtaking view!  Handyman Husband and Whitney, Cousin Chad’s girlfriend, took all the kids to the playground.  I decided to walk to join them!

Catch me Elizabeth!!!

Okay Daddy!


 This is a simple fishing lake.  But there’s something about the simplicity and 10 horsepower motors that make it that more inviting!

Couldn’t resist the self-portrait!

The lone fisherman!

The family decided to join me!

Here’s my “Little House on the Prairie” moment!  I was fortunate enough to nanny for Melissa Sue Anderson, who played “Mary” on the show!  What a true treat not only befriending her and her family, but staying with my dear friend Bo in LA one summer!!!

Hunter playing in the water!

We took some family self-portraits that just may appear on our Christmas card this year!

Handyman Husband took the kids to see the dam!

 I learned these bubbles meant turtles were under the water!  Such a city girl!

The kids were loaded up, and I decided to walk back…too pretty!

I arrived to find Cousin Shelby, Daniel, and Cousin Chad playing/kicking volleyball!

 And of course the trucks!

At the lake, it is as if you’re “back in time!”

Enjoy the day!


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