Tis the Season!

December has officially arrived, so Christmas is in full swing!  Throughout the month, I’ll be sharing our Christmas decor as well as a few celebrations!  Speaking of celebrations, my birthday “weekend” was great!  My wish came true…I didn’t cook a single meal!  Handyman Husband took care of the birthday breakfast and dinner.  We had my parents over for steak…yummy!  He did a fantastic job!  And he surprised me with a couple of goodies…

I was so impressed by Handyman Husband and Elizabeth’s birthday breakfast!  Mother joined us as well!

I woke up to this beautiful birthday bouquet!

Notice the Jana Hunter Interiors “green!”  So impressed!!!  For my gift, he said it wouldn’t be ready until Dec 2, and he had to pick it up between 2-4!  I did not have a clue…

I opened up this breathtaking Waterford crystal fleur-de-lis!!!  I was shocked (in a great way)!  He chose the fleur-de-lis since it is one of the symbols for my sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma.  And I just love the fleur-de-lis design in itself (it’s part of my business logo)!!!

He had to be there between 2-4 for Philip O’Keeffe, the Ambassador for Waterford, to sign my gift!  It also came with this 2012 charm to commemorate the year!

Although considered a Christmas ornament, this birthday gift will be out year round!  It now hangs on the key to my secretary, so I can admire it daily!

Thank you to my family and friends for helping make this birthday “weekend” extra special!

Enjoy the day!


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