Culinary Club Christmas

Every Christmas season, Culinary Club meets at a restaurant for dinner, and we exchange homemade food gifts.  It’s a true treat, and we look forward to this special time together.  Plus, it’s always fun and exciting to see what gifts await us.  We have had many delectable items in the past, and this year was just as nice.  We celebrated at 1620 Savoy which is a new fine dining restaurant in LR…

Loved the Christmas decor!

Ice skating in white ice skates is a goal of mine…the list of goals I created when I was 12!

We enjoyed sipping our cocktails and wine…

Shelly and Diane enjoyed a “pretty” cocktail!

As well as the chic, elegant, and sophisticated decor!

The lounge area was so fun!

Peek-A-Beth enjoyed her yummy scallops!

Every year, this is what we carry into the restaurant…guests are always wondering!

My gift this year was inspired by my Big Cedar trip with Peek-A-Beth and Running Rob!  I made Big Cedar’s Pumpkin Seed Lavosh!  I have to say theirs was much better!  Mine was more like a gourmet pizza crust…not the thin cracker I was hoping for!

We received these delectable Orange Pecans from Peek-A-Beth.  This gift was inspired by her grandmother, who also is credited for Beth’s love of cooking!

She brought her grandmother’s cookbook to share with us which obviously shows some serious love of cooking!

Next, we received a fun wine glass filled with homemade caramels from Diane!  These caramels were inspired from Diane’s mom, Betty’s best friend, who has since passed away.  She and her mom make them every year in honor of Dianne!

Shelly made these fun Cork Key Chains!  She always creates something “food” related without the food!  (She did make flavored vodka one year.)  It’s a treat to see what Shelly with think of next!

Allison made salsa which I look forward to trying during taco night!

Last but not least, Colleen made us some divine all organic cookies; it’s a Starbuck’s recipe, and I can say she hit a home run! Delicious with my coffee this morning!

And how thoughtful is this great keepsake ornament from Colleen!

And speaking of thoughtfulness, Diane went the extra mile and donated to Heifer International.  Honey bees were donated to a family in need in our Culinary Club’s honor!  Super great!!!

 After finishing off the chocolate creme brûlée, the night was complete!  However, we are missing one member, Colleen.  Please keep her mother in your thoughts and prayers!  It’s a true treat getting together with this group of great friends!

Do you make food related gifts during the Christmas season!  If so, would love for you to share!

Enjoy the day!


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