St. Nicholas

December 6 is known as the feast day of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in the Orthodox Church.  We celebrate this saint’s wonderful virtue of giving.  In America, we also celebrate the jolly man better known as Santa Claus.  In honor of St. Nicholas, I’m sharing my Possible Dreams Santa collection with you…

 When I met Handyman Husband, I had just a few Santa’s in my collection.  Thanks to him, I now have several others honoring his interests!  Many were wedding gifts!  This American Santa has a place of honor!

This cutie is much smaller than the rest of the collection.  He is displayed in the den!

Mother had the brilliant idea of displaying the Santa collection in the two corner cabinets flanked in the living room!  I really enjoy when collections of any sort are combined for a “unified” look!

Two wedding gifts in honor of HH!

These two Santa’s are particularly special…one represents Elizabeth, and the other reminds us of Daniel!

These two complete this corner cabinet!

Here is the other corner cabinet!

More Santa’s for HH!

I adore this Santa!

And these two complete the collection!

There’s something so jolly and fun about these Santa’s faces!

Oops, I forgot this special Santa who makes us happy in the kitchen!

Happy St. Nicholas…do you have a Santa collection?

Enjoy the day!


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