So after Daniel’s 3rd birthday party, I found a present!  I was sitting in the dining room at the time (we’ve switched the dining room and living rooms) talking on the phone with Handyman Husband.  I looked up and found this…


Daniel says, “It’s a fire truck!”  I could NOT believe my eyes!  It’s pretty much my fault for leaving the markers used in his craft on the buffet with a chair conveniently positioned!

I have tried the Magic Eraser!  I do love this product!  (It removed the large area of Sharpie black marker on our bedroom hardwoods!!!)  However, it did not do the trick on the wall!

I’ve now had this present since the end of October.  Mother says to leave it as a lovely reminder of his art work.  Honestly, this “art” has not bothered me as I thought it would.  It will even be a conversation piece tonight when we entertain.  However, I just can’t see leaving it on the wall.

So, do you have any suggestions for me???  Are there any magic remedies I can use?  Would love to try them prior to repainting the entire wall!

Enjoy the day!


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