Alphabet Birthday Party

Today is Elizabeth’s 7th birthday!!!  In my “A Year Ago Today” series,  we celebrated with an Alphabet Birthday Party last year…

This was the year we decided to throw in our own tradition with the birthday banner…the kids decorate their banner!

She decorated her “E” birthday cake!

The guest’s initials bordered the sign!

The table awaited the guests and the place settings were set!

The chandelier was adorned with “E’s!”

Each guest had their initial to decorate as they wished.  It was also their favor!

I ordered initial cookies to be decorated by the guests!

There were pink roses, and these fabulous gum drop trees by my dear friend, Peri and her daughter Stephanie (who is Daniel’s godmother), made these!

It was a wonderful 6th birthday party for a fantastic girl!!!!  Look forward to sharing this year’s party with you!

Do you enjoy planning birthday parties?

Enjoy the day!


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