The Gift of Giving

Last week, our neighborhood experienced an awful event…a family lost their home to a fire.  Lost everything.  But all are safe…and that’s what matters.  It happened during a beautiful time.  A time of giving.  People from all over, many strangers, gave to this family.  And this family’s attitude has been one of an uplifting spirit, gratitude, and love.  This family has no idea how this event has touched so many.  It made so many realize what this time is all about…giving from the heart!

It’s Saturday, December 22, and I have yet to buy the perfect gift for my parents.  However, Elizabeth just this morning, gave me the perfect idea.  These are her words…”When you buy a gift, it’s from half your heart.  It’s okay to buy a gift for someone, but the best gift of all is from your whole heart, one that’s made by you!”  Again, through the mouth of a babe!

So, her idea will be my gift to my parents…from my heart!

May you have a very Merry Christmas!  May you experience the gift of giving…from the heart!!!

Enjoy the day!  Enjoy the season!


P.S. Signing off till after Christmas!

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